What we do

We are the Rangers of the North

It’s hard to describe our organization. If we had to summarize it, we are a tight group of Canadian based wilderness enthusiasts who more often are seen trekking through the bush dressed as medieval & viking inspired foresters, 18th century loyalists, or 19th century explorers.

There’s a huge emphasis on our kit as we love material culture, hand made stuff, experimental archeology and sound historical research.

We also have a firm appreciation for fantasy literature as the original inspiration for the Rangers was to take our combined decades experience of wilderness trekking and try to recreate the people of Tolkien’s kingdom of Arnor.

In summary, if you are looking for a social group that is grounded in wilderness challenges with a healthy dose of crafting, recreation and fantasy. Follow us, or better yet, join the fun!

The Rangers are a group that is welcoming and equal to all humans, regardless if race, gender identity, spiritual beliefs or sexual orientation.

“He’s one of them Rangers. Dangerous folk they are.”

Barliman Butterbur